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Welcome to my Web site!
My name is Gerry Savard. I've been doing genealogy as a hobby off and on for over ten years and find it rewarding, both in the information I've managed to gather and share, and in all the friends and relatives that I've 'met' over the net.

Pictures and other information.... (Begging and Groveling)

I'm always looking for pictures pertaining to our Savard family, particularly family pictures, pictures of gravestones, etc.  Anything that you are willing to scan in and email would be greatly appreciated.  A big thank you to those who have shared their pictures with all of us.

Copies of original church records from many areas of Canada are now available from the American Canadian-Genealogical Society ACGS .


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MountainsLook at my new online photo album filled with some of my favorite personal photos.
Family Surname Forums - great place to post those queries!

Visit the American Canadian Genealogy Society Web Site.
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